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Wellness spa at Euronat’s thalasso

 Discover the wellness spa with the thalasso’s Spa rituals or hydrotherapy treatments

Wellness spa

The wellness spa : To offer to the ones you love, or just for yourself, to relax and spend a lovely day, the spa rituals will allow you to discover the different thalasso treatments and travel all over the world.

Free access to the Marine Space (saunas, hammam, seawater swimming pool and jacuzzi) with all treatments.

The marine discovery

To discover the marine benefits of the Centre. And of course, you can enjoy the relaxation garden, the swimming pool, the Turkish bath, the saunas and the jacuzzi.

  • 1 body scrub
  • 1 marine-mud and algae wrap,
  • 1 massage bath with essential oils,

The session : 90 €

wellness spa Euronat

Sauna, hammam followed by a choice of scrub from the “sea and spa” scent bar

Sauna/Turkish bath followed by a scrub and shea butter application with the corresponding scent: Ocean, lychee-coconut, green tea-jasmine (sea and spa) or Four Salts peeling and a Seamer application.

The session  : 55€

Sauna Hammam et gommage Sea & spa euronat

Deep relaxation to the sound of Tibetan bowls

Immerse yourself in the heart of a sound wave that will replenish and harmonize your body cells. An inner journey of listening and feeling that will put your mind into deep relaxation..

1 session 50 mn : 10 €

Wellness spa at Euronat’s thalasso

Rituel océan ”sea and spa”

“An Ocean scrub” followed by a shea butter
with ocean scents wrap and a Dead-sea and essential oil massage.

  • 1 body scrub « océan »
  • 1 shea butter with ocean scents wrap,
  • 1 Dead Sea and essential oil massage
  • +/- 1 jet bath with essential oils

The session  : 100 €

The session with whirlpool bath : 125 €

Plage Euronat thalasso

« Pleasure of the senses » Ritual

Each instant becomes an experience for the senses.

  • 1 « Aurabsolu » facial (30 mn),
  • 1 precious wrap,
  • 1 whirlpool bath. 
  • +/- 1 whirlpool bath

The session 100 €

euronat thalasso esthétique

« 4 elements » Ritual

Choose a water, sky, earth or fire day in the 4 elements treatmentcure 4 elements.

Free access to the Marine Space.

  • Day Earth or
  • Day Air or
  • Day water or
  • day sky

Water, earth or fire day 140 € – Sky day 150 €

News & special offers of Euronat Thalasso

Thalasso days, spa ritual or « à la carte » treatments…

offer a wonderful moment to the ones you love

booking: thalasso@euronat.fr
00 33 (0)5 56 73 24 50

The hydrotherapy treatment at the Euronat’s thalassotherapie centre.

Hydrotherapy tratment or individual treatment ?

At Euronat’s thalasso centre, you can choose any water hydrotherapy treatment or individual treatments. These quality treatments are carried out by a professional and welcoming team.

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    The full algae wrap 40€

    The full algae wrap together with hot marine mud rapidly eliminates toxins, boosts the trace elements in your organism and relieves pain in joints and muscles

  • null

    The affusion shower : 30 € with massage : 55 €

    Wraps the whole body in an invigorating rain of hot seawater, provides instant relaxation.

  • Douche à jet

    Jet or special shower 30€

    A seawater spray massage following a carefully defined pattern for figure slimming.

  • Rituels spa enveloppement

    Grapefruit body scrub 30€

  • Sauna Hammam et gommage Sea & spa euronat

    Sauna, hammam & body scrub “sea and spa” 55€

    Sauna, hammam and body scrub from our “sea and spa” scent bar, followed by a shea butter treatment with the chosen scent

  • Bain Hydromassant thalasso Euronat

    Seaweed or essential oil whirlpool bath with underwater jets 40€

    For an overall body massage bringing relaxation, revitalization, drainage and muscle tone. With seaweed or essential oils. All the benefits of sea-water.

  • null

    Pressure therapy 30€

    Improves circulation with its progressive pressure technique. Light legs and anti-cellulite.

  • null

    Aroma body & watermass


    30mn: x 1: 50€ – x5: 225€

    55mn: x1 :90€ – x5: 405€

    Followed by a WATERMASS

    x1: 52€ – x5: 240€ – x10 : 450€


    50 mn: 95€ – x5 : 445€

    75 mn: 135€ – x5 : 595€

  • pied nu euronat

    Cryotherapy of the lower limbs 32€

    Detoxicating and firming action, specially recommended for heavy legs