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Massages and Relaxation

Enjoy massages and relaxation at the thalasso

Massages and relaxation at the Euronat’s thalassotherapy centre : You will be enchanted by the numerous massages that bring wonderful relaxation. If you want to learn to relax, to give up smoking or to control your stress, the relaxation techniques will help you. For back or mechanical problems, our team of therapists will be able to relieve you.

Relaxing Massage

Stroking, pressure and kneading relax the back and a circulating massage of the legs will bring you well-being and relaxation.

25mn – 47 €

Head, Neck & Shoulders

Detailed massage of the shoulders, shoulder-blades, neck, scalp and arms. Ideal for relieving tensions of the upperbody. It brings deep relaxation.

25mn – 47 €

 “Deep Tissue”

Massage, combining strokes and pressure with flowing and wrapping movements…brings deep muscle and body relaxation.

50mn – 80 €

Harmonie massage

This massage was created for Euronat and is based on the soothing surf of the sea. It brings relaxation and holistic harmony of the mind and body.

50mn – 85 €

Affusion massage

Massage for the whole body with a marine-rich spray.

25mn – 55 €

Well-being massage

Full body massage, a special moment of relaxation.

25mn – 47 €

Ayurvedic massage

Massage that aids the circulation of energy and muscle relaxation, giving a sensation of calm and serenity.

50mn – 80 €
Head, neck & shoulders

Detailed massage of the shoulders, shoulder-blades, neck, scalp and arms. Ideal for relieving tension of the upper-body. It brings deep relaxation.

25mn – 47 €


Digitopuncture technique performed on the energetic meridians. It revitalizes, tones and energizes, giving you a total rebalance of your bodys energies.

50mn  – 78 €

The body of memory

« A hand that listens to your body’s message ». Inside our body, memories of childhood suffering, and those of our parents and ancestors lie buried. This treatment brings total liberation, whilst retaining these memories. The spirit, body and soul are enhanced and liberated leading to a « Renaissance of the consciousness ».

50mn – 90 €

Chi Nei Tsang

Stemming from traditional Chinese medicine, this massage “stimulates energy in the internal organs” of the abdomen – our second brain! The aim is to balance emotions and liberate the negative energies.

50 mn – 80 €


Restores the osteo-articular and visceral mobility (with or without fasciatherapy), relieves tension and puts the body and spirit back into tune.

1 session – 60 €


A manual practice which treats musculoskeletal disorders. A small hammer is used to improve the postural balance.

25mn – 45 €   50mn – 75 €


Reiki frees and restores the circulation of your internal energies, your blocked life force. It brings relaxation, well-being, mental calm, fluidity and lightness of mind

75 mn  – 60 €

Access Bar

Energetic relaxation technique helping you to let go, to recover your creative potential and take control of your life.

75 mn : 75 €

Plantar reflexology

Foot massage using pressure on the reflex zones of the arch of the foot. Helps fight stress and body tensions.

50 mn : 65 €

Humanist hypnosis

A technique for reaching ones inner-self. Ideal for those trying to give up smoking or to overcome stress or sleeping disorders.

1 session 80 €
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massage thalasso euronat
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