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A beauty parlour at the thalasso

A beauty Parlour at the Thalasso

The Beauty Parlour : Come and try our beauty parlour ! To complete your thalassotherapy treatment, the beauty parlour invites you to discover the virtues of essential oils and marin elements for your face and body.  Discover the face and body tratments Décléor and Sothys.  Our team of beauticians will advise you on the best treatments for your skin.

A beauty parlour at the thalasso

Beauty Parlour’s Facial Treatments

Simple Beauty Bio & Slow Cosmetics

This new Bio & Slow brand of cosmetics favours natural, organic products that are gentle on your face and body. These treatments respect you and are also respectful for our environment.

Softness Discovery

25 mins – 30 €


50 mins : 60 €


75 mins : 90 €


A world of excellence and prestige for innovative skincare, for sustainable beauty, respectful of the skin and the environment.

Intensive Youth

75 mins – 90 €

Intensive Moisturizing

75 mins – 90 €

Healthy Glow

50 mins : 60 €

Protection Eye treatment

50 mins : 55
3 treatments 140 of 6 treatments 260

Teenage face care

40 mins : 40 €
(reserved for 12-18 years old)

NEW     Thalgo Cosmetics

In the depths of the sea, marine plants contain a greater amount of active ingredients, minerals and oligo-elements than ordinary plants.
Thanks to their biomimicry, these marine molecules are absorbable and have a bio-affinity with the skin.

Sea Basics treatment

~ Nourishing cold cream marine treatment
~ Hydrating marine treatment

50 mins – 60 €

Expert anti-ageing treatment

~ Hyaluronic treatment        50 mins : 70
~ Silicium lift treatment        75 mins : 90

Express anti-fatigue treatment
for men

25 mins : 30 €

Men’s marine treatment

50 mins : 60

NEW     I Beauty Thalgo

First professional equipment combining 4 advanced technologies: Sono-vibration, sequential ultrasound, tripolar radio-frequency and fibrolysis, with proven effectiveness, non-aggressive and totally safe.

Purity restorer

30 mins – 40 €

Hydration corrector

45 mins – 65 €

Youth activator

45 mins : 60 €

Wrinkle reducer

45 mins : 60 €

Exceptional Treatments

Japanese facial massage (kobido)

Facial lift with very tonic and quick movements to restore volume and reduce wrinkles. It stimulates the skin’s microcirculation and lymphatic flow.
Hence the «plumped up face» effect and a complexion that is glows at the end of the treatment.
Guaranteed anti-ageing action.

50 mins : 70 €
5 sessions 300 € – 10 sessions 500 €

Facials Packages

To be chosen from the range of 1hour 15mins treatment.

Valid for the current year.

3 facials Package 250

6 facials Package 450 €

Euronat’s Beauty Parlor Body Treatments (forWomen and Men)


Ocean prodigy

( Body and Face )

A long facial massage using ancient Japanese facial techniques, followed by a body massage with luxurious oil.

1h50 : 180 €

Body sculpting treatment

Exclusive Thalgo method of palpating and rolling on targeted areas.

1 session : 70 €

Cryosculpt Thalgo treatment

The tailor-made slimming solution (slimming, cellulite, firmness). Combines cryotherapy, electrostimulation and thermotherapy. Cleanses, burns fat, smoothes cellulite and tones tissues.

40-60 mins : 100 €


Body scrub and massage


Choose between the different brands and a relaxing massage.

50 mins : 90 €


Japanese-inspired treatment: a nourishing and refreshing ritual with floral notes of cherry blossom and lotus flowers, including a body scrub with exfoliating gloves and a foot and body massage.

75 mins  – 105 €


Body and face


This beneficial getaway begins with a sugar and salt scrub combined with the scent of your choice. It is followed by a relaxing massage, a nourishing and moisturizing cocoon wrap. It finishes with a facial treatment for a radiant complexion.


1 hour 50 mins : 135 €

Other Treatments at the beauty parlor


Calluspeeling is the new beauty treatment that removes cracks and calluses, without using a blade or other metal instrument. It is a very pleasant and relaxing treatment and the results are immediate. Feet become incredibly beautiful, soft and velvety.

30 mins  –  40 €

+ 10 € for cutting and filing nails (without nail polish)

Beauty of the Hands

(without varnish)

Classic hand care (nail trimming, filing, cuticle regrowth, hand cream).

30 mins  –  40 €

Classic Foot Care

(without varnish)

Nail trimming, filing, cuticle regrowth, and removing of calluses.

30 mins –  40 €


Ask for our prices


Ask for our prices

Why don’t you try a massage or a spa ritual after your treatment at the beauty parlour ?