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The Children

The children at Euronat

There are plenty of activities for the children at Euronat: pottery, T-shirt painting, drawing, painting, percussion lessons and much more.
They can also take part in their favourite sports and even discover new ones: boomerang, archery, beach-volley etc.
There are also 4 mini-clubs for children between the ages of 3 and 17, to allow you some free time for yourselves.

Everything is planned for your children to spend unforgettable holidays.

Children are royal

4 FREE mini-clubs are open EVERYDAY
except Saturdays from July 5 until August 27, 2021

Registrations on Sunday from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the “Yourtes”

The ADOS club : 14 years old and over

Teenagers will be at the heart of the organization of their holidays. Under the watchful eye of our animation team, a list of activities will be at their disposal and they will create their own schedule: Surfing, archery, sports tournaments, creative workshops, production and distribution of the Euronat newsletter, etc…

The chance to make new friends and to have fun.

The Loustics : 11 to 13 year olds

On the programme : Initiation activities and sports tournaments of all kinds, craft activities in small groups to develop teamwork and discovery of the fauna and flora of our coastline.

Plenty to keep your young ones amused!

The Loupiots : 7 to 10 year olds 

The animation team proposes creative workshops, sports activities, tournaments, team games, nature outings and discovery of art or manual activities: pottery, mosaic, painting, music…

Adventure is at hand!    

The Pitchouns : 3 to 6 year olds

This is the club for little-ones, the animators offer your children educational and fun activities, games and “discovery of nature” workshops…

Gentle early-learning activities.

Online pre-enrollment

From this year on, online pre-registration for Euronat mini-clubs is possible.


To do so, you must have a confirmed reservation at Euronat (you will be asked for your reservation number when you register online).


The online pre-registration concerns all mini clubs (Pitchouns, Loupiots, Loustics and Ados) and avoids you filling in the paper registration.


Please note that the registration must be made at the latest on the Tuesday evening (11 pm) before the week of activity.


Once the registration has been validated, parents will be guaranteed a place for their child(ren) depending on the number of places still available. 


The number of online pre-registrations is limited to :

– 10 children maximum for the Pitchouns

– 15 children maximum for the Loustics, Loupiots and Teenagers


Please note, however, that online pre-registration does not exempt you from being present on Sunday to choose the activities. In case of a no-show on Sunday, the reserved places may be redistributed and we will not be able to guarantee the choice of activities.


For children who have pre-registered online, registration for activities will take place on the Sunday of their arrival between 4.00 and 4.15 pm at the Yurts. They will be able to go to the site with priority access for the choice of activities. Latecomers will be invited to queue like the others. In the following weeks (if the stay exceeds one week), there will be no particular priority, parents or children are invited to come to the registrations following the usual procedure, from 4.00 pm.


Please note that only one pre-registration is possible for the whole duration of the stay, whatever its length.


Online pre-registration gives priority to registrations for the first week of the stay only, i.e. the first Sunday on which the child is registered. A child who has already been registered for the Mini Clubs, either online or by paper form, does not have to be re-registered online.

Pre-enrollment papers

    Customer reference or booking reference :

    Miniclub :

    Nationality :

    Child's surname :

    First name :

    Date of birth :

    Adress at Euronat :

    Phone N° :

    Arrival date at the mini-club :

    Departure date of the mini-club :

    Health problems, knows allergies, medication :

    I, the undersigned surname, first name :

    Guardian :

    a) Give the Miniclub staff the responsibility of my son or daughter during the opening hours.

    b) permission for him/her to participate in any bike ride organized by the Miniclub outside Euronat.

    c) permission for him/her to participate in any beach trip organized by the Miniclub.

    d) permission for him/her to swim (with supervision).
    I declare that he/she :


    Rules and regulations :

    - Children must be clean and in the event of a problem, they may be refused.
    - Smaller children are only accepted if they are potty-trained.
    - The parents (or responsible adult) must fill in an information form before leaving their child. This will include their mobile phone number where they can be contacted.
    - The clubs as Euronat are naturist and their organizers will ensure that this rule is respected. Swimsuits are obviously not allowed.
    - Children must not bring their own games, toys, valuable objects or money (except for the mini-golf = 2 €). Children should bring a small snack and water bottle.
    - For the whole-day club or evening club, parents must provide a meal.
    - The child must be punctual: beyond a delay of 15 mins, the child will not be accepted in the activity. He or she is not authorized to leave the club before the end of the activity (unless previously agreed with the organizers).
    - During the Miniclub, parents allow their children to move freely within the confines of Euronat and the horse- riding centre located at the entrance.
    - The Miniclub’s staff will ensure that these rules are respected. If necessary, the management reserves the right to change the programme, rules and regulations.
    - The child must have his badge with photo or he will not be accepted.

    Your email :